KdF Osnice

Renovations, production of parts, accessories and replicas of KdF-82 and KdF-166

New bodywork

We manufacture new KdF bodies made to order. The price of the body is determined by the level of completation and equipment. It can range from a bare bodywork (option A) to a complete bodywork (option B). Other level of completation is possible and subject to discussion. For a price quote please contact us with a specification of the desired option.  

1. KdF- 82 Kübelwagen

Option A

A bare bodywork as on the pictures. 

Option B

Painted bodywork including electro instalation and upholstery, ready to be nounted on a chasis. 


2. KdF- 166 Schwimmwagen

Bodywork at a level of completation according to requirement. Please contact us if interested.